No Filter: An introduction

IMHO, Instagram is bullshit. Behind every image of a group of friends having the time of their lives are human beings stopping what they are doing to look like they’re having the time of their lives.

That brunch snap wasn’t the first snap, you know. At least 10 shots were taken to get that angle. Behind that brunch snap is at least one other person, sitting awkwardly opposite, not sure whether they can start eating their own brunch or not, gingerly poking their poached eggs to let the yolk run out, feeling slightly embarrassed. Me. That’s me.

It’s insane that we scroll and lust after the lives of these people, carefully curated to get that exact reaction from you, while they spend all of their time and energy thinking about what they look like and how to get it caught on camera. They aren’t having fun. It’s total bullshit.

No Filter is a reaction to this. Anyone can submit their non-fiction writing on any topic. All writing you find here will be at the very least honest, at the very most offensive, and probably somewhere in the middle the rest of the time.

No Filter! Geddit?

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