5 reasons why that piano playing w*nker needs to f*ck off

By Alice Austin

This week the tabloids have reported that a scruffy, needy man has decided to ‘win’ back a girl he dated for four months by playing piano non-stop until she agrees to take him back.

The national press lapped it up, with The Mirror writing about the Heartbreaking reason this lovelorn man has vowed to play the piano non-stop in public.

The only thing heartbreaking about this story is the fact that this man is actually getting attention for behaving like a petulant, entitled child. His behaviour is the equivalent to a toddler holding their breathe until they pass out.

Here’s 5 reasons why this absolute melt needs to GTFO in no particular order:

Reason 1: The poor woman he was dating privately broke up with him and he made it into a very, very public matter for his own gain.

Reason 2: She had reasons to break up with him and he has rejected them entirely. This suggests that he does not accept her judgement, he does not respect her decisions and thinks only of how he feels and what he wants.

Reason 3: Using the word ‘winning’ alongside any human being is unhealthy and objectifying. People aren’t prizes.

Reason 4: If this was a woman and not a man the media would not portray it as romantic; the woman would be portrayed as unhinged or a ‘bunny boiler’.

Reason 5: He is publicly pressuring her to take him back which is controlling and abusive. Imagine what their relationship would actually be like.

Delighted to hear that the BBC has reported that he’s finally stopped after being punched in the head. Regardless, the way this story was portrayed in the media is a shocking reminder that we have a very long way to go before men and women are treated with the same amount of respect.

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