This date after a 7 year relationship couldn’t have gone worse

By Alice Austin

MY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS LAST WEEK, I’m serious this time.

My friend is absolutely beautiful, seriously, but she refuses to go on Tinder or use any dating apps anymore. This summer she came out of a long-term relationship, she’d been with the guy for about 7 years, all through university. The break-up was a big shock so it took her a while to get the confidence up to get on Tinder but eventually she signed up.

She started chatting to this guy and they arranged to go for a drink. She called me at lunch time that day and I spent about 30 minutes calming her down and telling her it was all going to be okay. Of course it was going to be okay, she’s absolutely stunning.

She turned up at the pub in Angel, ordered a drink, waited. Got a message saying he was running a bit late so she got another drink. All good. As the time went on she got more and more nervous. Eventually she turns and he’s walked in. She’s so relieved, he looks like his pictures and is taller than she thought he would be. He spots her and crosses over to the bar and says hello. He’s carrying a large gym bag.

“I’m so sorry, I know I’m late already but I have to go to mine and drop this bag with my flat mate, he needs it.”

She asks if he wants her to come with him?

“No, no it’s fine I literally live down the road so I’ll be right back.”

Okay cool she says and orders herself another drink.

She waited for 45 minutes. He never came back.


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