It’s been a bit quiet on our end this last month because we’ve been busy making an actual real No Filter Zine!

Why? Because a zine is supposed to be a physical thing and it seems a bit wanky if it’s just a website.

Last night we had a launch party at Das Gift in Berlin’s “hippest, most happening area of Neukolln” (Time Out 2017), where full-time legends Ellen Kirkpatrick, Richard Barr and Alice Austin read some of their stories and people laughed and high-fived and drank buckfast. People were also able to buy the dratted thing which is nice, isn’t it.

The party was absolutely epic. We never expected such a massive turn-out and we certainly didn’t expect the room at Das Gift to be full of so much furniture. Well done for maneuvering your beautiful bodies around all those chairs.

If you aren’t hip and happening enough to live in Berlin and weren’t able to make it to the launch then DO NOT WORRY you mainstream prick! You can buy it online here! It’s only 4 euros!!! Click the banner to buy!


If you are selfish and live in Australia then postage will be way more expensive so message us on Facebook and we’ll send a batch to someone who lives in Brunswick in Melbourne cos let’s face it, you all live in Brunswick in Melbourne.

Designed by Pia Etzold and with original artwork and writing from Ben German (cover illustration), Iulia Mitzner, Christiana Kim, Leih Mikulic Kelsie Bufton, Caroline Kjærgaard, Ash Meadows, J.J., Alice Austin, Richard Barr, Ellen Kirkpatrick and Alice Stride. One writer remains anonymous because his story implicates him in quite a serious crime.

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